IEI Release the New AI Box PC: HTB-210-Q470

Nov 24, 2021

The HTB-210-Q470 has a professional heat dissipation system designed for the internal GPU card, enabling high-performance AI computing in a small chassis. It is different from other products that are large, difficult to clean, and with cabling issue due to their too simplified functions that need connection with other external peripherals. The simple outlook of the HTB-210 makes it more suitable for integration in various medical environments. It can save space, and is easy to clean. It is the best choice for medical personnel to perform accurate and stable medical analytics in an economical way.

Dual PCIe Slots

(1) PCIe x16

Accelerator cards are crucial to data scientists. High compatibility for the GPU cards such as NVIDIA P4/T4/Quadro series allows the end user to choose accelerator cards based on their different needs.

(2) PCIe x4

The redundant PCIe x4 slot is reserved for all-in-one video capture cards or other expansions.

Unique Thermal Solution

Catering to NVIDIA® Tesla T4 passive heat sink design, IEI adopts blower-ventilation solution that not only creates a strong air flow but also minimizes the noise made by fan system.

Easy Maintenance

The accessible hard drive enables IT technicians to do the maintenance work more easily. The drive bay is located in the bottom of the HTB-210 and accepts 2.5" SSD or HDD. The IT technician can easily check or replace the storage device by removing four cover screws.

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