Portable Fluoroscope

Mar 25, 2019

Hemodynamics Analysis, panel pc for IoT, IMoT

High powered computing for fluoroscopic imaging on-the-go

Fluoroscopy technology continues to push forward and with a strong foothold, there is an impetus to expand the use of fluoroscopy, increasing performance and usefulness, while also reducing the size of fluoroscopes to make them more portable and more affordable for smaller medical facilities.

The quality of the recorded video has increased with time and the high definition images that are now captured can provide even more accurate and useful images than previous generations of the fluoroscope. The rapid shrinking of technology has also allowed these previously large devices to become portable, opening new opportunities but simultaneously adding new challenges.

Tackling this heavy graphics application is a non-trivial exercise because of the heavy throughput demands of HD video. This case study takes a closer look at the requirements that our client had for the fluoroscopy machine and the customized, yet flexible solution that was achieved.

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