Panel PCs and Industrial Monitors

IEI Panel PCs support Windows® 11, Windows® 10, or Linux® operating systems. They are powered by high-performance Intel® Core/fanless Intel® Celeron® processors and other industrial components, ensuring a longer lifespan for these computers. Additionally, we provide projected capacitive industrial touchscreen options that allow glove usage for industrial applications.

Industrial touch screen monitors are built to endure extended shock and vibration, a wide temperature range, and provide water and dust protection. Our industrial monitors can be mounted either on a panel or VESA, depending on your specific application.
IEI heavy Industrial Panel PC has a thin, IP65 heavy-duty aluminum front bezel, which is perfect for panel mounting. It comes with PCIe expansion slots, extended operation temperature, and different mounting solutions to meet the needs of our customers. These panel PCs are designed to work in extreme temperatures and challenging conditions, making them suitable for manufacturing, surveillance, transportation, and the food & beverage market.

PPC Series

-8"~18.5" heavy industrial Panel PC

-IP65 front panel protection

-Aluminum die-casting front bezel

-Slim bezel ideal for panel mouting and rack mounting

-PCAP 10-point multi-touch or resistive touch window

-IEEE 802.3 bt PoE PD available

IEI light Industrial Panel PCs are designed to provide reliable performance and a stylish appearance in various environments. These PCs have a slim bezel and a fanless design. You can choose between an aluminum casing or a lightweight plastic enclosure. Our Light Industrial Panel PCs are well-suited for different light industrial industries, including hospitality, logistics, residential automation, and digital signage.


-7"~22" light industrial Panel PC

-IP64 front panel protection

-Light weight stylish plastic housing

-Narrow bezel design

-PCAP 10-point multi-touch

-IEEE 802.3 bt PoE PD available

Maritime activities and naval forces need dependable, and long-lasting technology. The IEI Marine Panel PC has undergone thorough testing to go beyond Defence standard requirements. This ensures that it meets the highest international maritime regulations and standards.

Marine Panel PC

The maritime field faces critical environmental challenges, making reliable and rugged systems essential. IEI provides maritime professionals and marine-grade panel PCs and monitors and embedded box that use leading technologies and reliable designs which are perfect for applications on the dock, on the open deck, or in the control room or bridge.
Industrial touch screen monitors are designed and tested to thrive in demanding environments, making them far more durable compared to regular office monitors. Our monitors provide the flexibility of panel mount or VESA mount, depending on your specific requirements.

Industrial Display

-LED backlight displays are available in various sizes and aspect ratios ranging from 8 inches to 22 inches

-Support VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort inputs

-Capable for panel mount and VESA mount

-Narrow bezel design

-Analog resistive or projected capacitive display (for multi-touch operation)

-IP65 front panel protection

--20°C ~ 60°C operating temperature

We provide mounting solutions from 7” to 24” industrial monitors and panel PCs to suit a range of driving situations.
We provide mounting solutions from 7” to 24” industrial monitors and panel PCs to suit a range of driving situations.
IEI offers two series of medically certified, hygienic, all-in-one medical panel PCs. These devices are designed to improve patient care by supporting various functions, such as health information systems (HIS), vital sign monitoring, nursing care, clinical diagnosis, Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), anesthesia monitoring, and operating room documentation.

POCi Series

The POCi series is a medical panel PC featuring AI, edge computing with rich expansion functions. It is ideal to work in many kinds of medical scenario such as radiology, telemedicine, endoscopy system or surgical working station. Learn More about IEI Medical Solution

IASO Series

The medical information management system designed for medical professionals can improve clinical work and workflow efficiency.Synchronizing patient data with PACS server, making data management more convenient.It is ideal to work in many kinds of medical scenario such as data management, patient room display and bedside card. Learn More about IEI Medical Solution