Comprehensive Medical Solution

Healthcare that was once given only in hospitals is now provided in diverse environments such as hospitals, communities or homes. Healthcare providers could be doctors, nurses, care-givers or patients themselves.

With extensive experiences in researching and developing medical devices, IEI smart medical solution helps our customers to provide high quality services and improve healthcare environment.

Internet of Medical Things Field



The ruggedized panel PC helps hospitals to achieve paperless workflow. In the past, medical personnel spent lots of time on taking vital records manually. This may lead to human error and endanger patients' safety. Our worldwide solution partners have been using IEI products in wards, ICU and hemodialysis centers. Their solutions have successfully helped medical personnel to spend more time with patients and improve the patient-doctor relationship.


Point-of-care terminal


Mobile point-of-care terminal

IEI's partners have integrated BIS-series, IOVU series and POC-series with their bedside infotainment systems for a large number of hospitals worldwide, especially in Taiwan and USA. The bedside infotainment system has shown its value in improving patient-doctor relationship by assisting caregivers to provide necessary healthcare education to inpatients before and after treatments.


In the OR, the surgical team has to be aware of all kinds of information such as vitals, surgical navigation or even patient's medical history. However, this information is usually provided by different machines or systems, making it difficult for the surgical team to catch them all at once. The integrated information platform assists the surgical team in accessing all information they need from single device to further optimize their work.


In the past, waiting for a long time before seeing a doctor is quite common in the hospital. Hence, numerous hospitals have adopted smart outpatient services to increase operational efficiency, improve visitation convenience, and reduce patient wait time. IEI is committed to working with our field partners to continually enhance patient satisfaction for outpatient departments.


Product Selection

Medical Grade Panel PC


POCm Series


POC Series

Bedside Terminal


BIS Series


IOVU Series

Medical Box PC


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MODAT Series


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Medical Display


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