Smart Healthcare Solution

Integrating Smarter Solutions to Provide Better Healthcare Experience

IEI medical solution not only offers powerful and useful devices but also provides a practical total solution to advance medical technology. IEI healthcare solution aims at reducing human error and creating a paperless environment by utilizing IEI smart medical products. The highly modular design helps users manage various situations in a flexible way and enhance work efficiency in their daily routine.


AI in Healthcare

Recently AI techniques have sent vast waves across healthcare industry. No one doubts that artificial intelligence has unimaginable potential. Within the next couple of years, it will revolutionize every area of our life. When it comes to our health, especially in matters of life and death, the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve outcomes is very intriguing.

Comprehensive Medical Solution

Healthcare that was once given only in hospitals is now provided in diverse environments such as clinics, communities or homes. Healthcare providers could be doctors, nurses, caregivers or patients themselves. With extensive experiences in researching and developing medical devices, IEI smart medical solution helps our customers to provide high quality services and improve healthcare environment.

IEI Standard Medical Product Introduction

IEI has been developing and manufacturing industrial computers for almost two decades and medical devices for more than 10 years. The services we provide to our customers are with high quality and with long-term support. Furthermore, the flexible OEM/ODM cooperation pattern provides customers the option of choosing products that best fit to their requirements.