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SBC with Intel AMT support LAN chips
SBC with Intel AMT support LAN chips
Purpose & Scope
How to update the BIOS for above SBC's like PCIE-Q670-R10

Please follow steps about to flash the BIOS:- without any POWER FAIL.


1.      Execute “GO.bat” with this BIOS from a DOS bootable disk(USB/CF/HDD is fine).

2.      Again execute “GO ME”(blank in between and also ME is a parameter ,not part of file name)

3.      After finished flashing BIOS refresh process.(Don’t reboot at this stage by any cause)

4.      Then un-plug power core more than 5 seconds and clear CMOS.

5.      Plug power core back and the verify the BIOS version in SETUP SCREEN and re-do your test also check functions again.


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