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IEI hardware compression cards support ultra-low power consumption to encode video in H.264 or HEVC format, and multi cards can be supported to build a high density video system. IEI uncompressed cards can capture raw data from SD to 4K resolution.
Video/ Audio Capture Card with 4-Channel Video/Audio Input
USB 3.0 Uncompressed Video/Audio Capture Box
● Connection I/O interface: USB, Ethernet TCP/IP
● Support hardware and software trigger modes, both with one shot, series shot, batch and presentation options
● Automatic or manual CMOS sensor configuration: exposure, gain and brightness options supported
● Read 1D, 2D barcodes on paper and mobile phones
● Strong ability to read barcodes, can decode broken, curved and blurry printed barcode fast
● Read multiple barcodes by holding the trigger
● IP41 rating against dust and moisture
The architecture of the IEI Camera is based on USB3 Vision and GenICam standard, which offers you compatible interface with name-brand machine vision software such as MVtec Halcon, MERLIC, NI-LabVIEW, MIL …etc.