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WAFET-BT series with latest BIOS version-2x update FAIL?
WAFET-BT series with latest BIOS version-2x update FAIL?
Brief Description

We have PCN details about hardware versions changes from -R10 to -R20 with BIOS modifications.


1. Ensure your board hardware version is -R10 or -R20.

Then use BIOS_SAA8Ax1x is for –R10 version only and BIOS_SAA8Ax2x for –R20 version only.

Don't exchanging the wrong BIOS between this two versions perhaps avoid some failures.

 (i.e) WAFER-BT-i1-J19001-R10 required to maintain with last std BIOS version “SAA8AM18” and don't update with 'SAA8AM22/future versions' for this -R10 board.

Similarly 'SAA8AM22/future versions' are suitable for 'WAFER-BT-i1-J19001-R20 ' version and don't used 'SAA8AM18/earlier versions' for this -R20 board.



Since, we have two different BIOS versions based on different on-board SKU/CPU what we have mentioned in earlier FAQ-site and this rule is maintain same as applicable for both hardware versions.