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You Are Invited to IEI / RTECC Melbourne Event

You Are Invited

As an important member of the embedded community IEI Technology USA Corp. invites you to join us at the Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference in Melbourne, FL on April 13, 2010. As our special guest you will be hosted to a free technical conference, exhibition, and even lunch.

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About Your Host Company

IEI Technology USA is renewing its expansion into the US market aggressively. Innovative and Responsive to the market needs, IEI is rolling out solutions for Video Wall, Digital Signage, Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) Panel PCs, Panel PC with RFID reader and a complete line of Intel based embedded boards, computer systems and Panel PCs. Please visit our booth to get the first-hand experience with IEI's new products.

Product Showcase

IEI introduces ACT-408A access control terminal

IEI Technology introduced ACT-408A access control terminal with an 8" touch screen and EM/Mifare RFID reader. The system includes a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 processor for ultra low voltage, fanless operation. Attention grabbing multimedia information can be delivered via the Ethernet connection on the ACT-408A. The ACT-408A system provides entrance management by controlling door access via an external slave reader using the standard Wiegand 26 protocol especially designed for controlling access points like entrances and exits. The ACT-408A system can be placed at an entrance to scan an identification card via the RFID reader, while a Wiegand slave reader connected to the system is used inside for exit control. Dual identification ensures a higher level of security. The Wiegand card reader provides high quality, stable performance in conditions of rain or snow, extreme temperatures, radio frequency or magnetic field interference. The Wiegand interface connector on the ACT-408A supports remote placement of the reader up to 100 meters away. The ACT-408A can be deployed for elevator security management to control in-elevator readers to restrict access from the ground floor to other floors. The ACT-408A can also be used for access control in hospitals, office and apartment buildings. The ACT-408A includes IEI's One Key Recovery software to easily create a full system backup or recover from system failure by restoring from a backup image. With the RFID reader and the Wiegand interface, the ACT-408A is ideal for all access control and security management applications.

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RTECC (The Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference) is designed for people developing computer systems and time-critical applications serving multiple industries; data communication and telephony, military and aerospace, industrial control, instrumentation, consumer electronics, image processing, process control, medical instrumentation, vehicular control and maintenance, embedded appliances and more.

Melbourne, FL

April 13, 2010
8:30 am - 2:30 pm


200 Rialto Place
Melbourne, FL 32901



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What You’ll get out of RTECC:

Our technical conference sessions will give you the latest information on growing and emerging technologies. Leading companies bring you their technical experts to discuss a wide range of technologies.

Personal Relationships
Take this unique opportunity to talk face-to-face with experts integrating a wide range of products into projects every day. Our exhibition offers you the time to ask questions, compare technologies and weigh your options. Leave with the contacts necessary for answering all your technical questions and learn about new breakthrough business solutions.

Comparison Shopping
Have the confidence you’re choosing the best. The Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference is designed for you to compare vendors side by side.

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