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SD Video Capture Solution

Features Multiple Zones Real Time Monitoring Benefit
IVC SDK Demo AP Products Information  


Single card with 8 channels capture up to 128 channels.
PCI interface supported
Better power consumption
Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Linux OS
Real time video/audio output for real time monitoring
SDK available for customer to create customized applications
  Multiple Zones Real Time Monitoring  
IEI video capture card is capable of video and audio output for second location real time monitoring. Using this function, local on site monitoring can focus on capturing video and audio with no need to operate system control. Local channel switch can be assigned by the system administrator or switch by GPIO module.

The software compression card is used to transfer analog NTSC/PAL signal to digital raw data signal. The uncompressed raw data that can provides better video quality without distortion. It is useful for real-time video surveillance applications. The software compression process is first transferring data into PC through PCI or PCIe interface then the CPU compresses the video and stores it in the HDD. Since compression and de-compression are handled by the CPU, the software compression card needs a more powerful hardware system.

  IVC SDK Demo AP  
IEI provides two demonstration application programs for different solution, Cview AP is for Conexant solution and Tview AP is for Techwell solution, the program demonstrates the following functions:  

  Products Information  
IVC-T608 PCI video/ audio capture card with 8 channel video/ audio input,
total 240fps@D1 for 8 channels (NTSC)
IVC-T604 PCI video/ audio capture card with 4 channel video/ audio input,
total 120fps@D1 for 4 channels (NTSC)