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Portable Information Display
Designing a portable information display for public locations
Busy public transportation hinges on the correct and timely functioning of all aspects of the service. Breakdowns in systems and delays are not ideal, but an inevitable part of daily operations. Effectively responding to delays and quickly adapting to current conditions keeps everything running as moving as possible.
An important component is keeping commuters informed about current conditions and alerting them to unexpected situations. One method to keep them in the loop is with information displays. Information displays must be placed exactly where they will be seen by all people affected by the message. The display should therefore be able to withstand the outdoors, very dim or bright lighting, and comply to safety standards for electronics in public places.
Optimal placement requires that the screen be readable in bright light and be able to withstand some rain if that’s where it is most needed. This case study documents how IEI took on this challenge and designed a portable information system for just this purpose.
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