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IEI Allied with AlphaInfo and GeoVision, Co-Creating AI Smart City
IEI Press Release
IEI_AlphaInfo_GeoVision_AI Smart City

IEI Allied with AlphaInfo and GeoVision, Co-Creating AI Smart City

This year, IEI Integration Corp. displays various solutions particularly containing the hottest AI theme of recent years in such application fields as smart medical care, smart city and smart retail in Embedded World 2020 Germany. Among them, there are two applications jointly exhibited for the first time, AI Police Patrol System of AlphaInfo and GV-AI Guard of GeoVision.

In terms of hardware, IEI specifically selects AI Computing Embedded System products, FLEX-BX200, combining with accelerator card Mustang-V100 featuring low-power consumption and favorable price. FLEX-BX200 can be applied to deep-learning inferential computing and support GPU card, Intel® FPGA accelerator card as well as Intel®VPU accelerator card, offering extra computing capacity and peer-to-peer solutions to achieve more efficient performance. Of these, the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit is able to optimize the deep-learning model of pre-training and expand the task to various types of Intel® platform with the maximum efficiency.

In addition, the solution, Police Patrol System (Alpha PPS), collaborated with AlphaInfo integrates with IEI’s FLEX-BX200 along with the accelerator card Mustang-V100-MX4. By using OpenVINO™ Toolkit, it optimizes the deep-learning frame and the layout of inferential model onto Intel AI front-end computing hardware platform. The dynamic Vehicle Recognition System (AlphaVRS), independently developed by AlphaInfo, unites real-time videos taken from the dashcams in patrol cars. When cars enter the detection area, it will be automatically positioned and vehicle characteristics including license plate number, car model and color will be recognized. After the GPS positioning is integrated into the database and vehicle data is checked, suspected vehicles can be spotted, requested to pull over and questioned in no time. It offers a safer, more real-time and efficient practices when policemen execute patrol tasks at public areas like highways and parking lots, realizing the idea of law enforcement with modern technology.

On the other hand, GV-AI Guard, an AI Image Recognition System developed by GeoVision, possesses the advantages of the human-and-vehicle identifying ability, full analysis of real-time street view, law violations records as well as the assistance in improving traffic safety and effective reduction in the rate of false alarms. After integrated with FLEX-BX200 along with IEI’s accelerator card Mustang-V100-MX8, the solution speeds up the characteristic recognitions of pedestrians and vehicles, including the trajectory tracks of people and vehicles, vehicle plate recognition, vehicle models and colors etc. Moreover, the solution can be applied to precise discrimination of traffic steering analysis, illegal parking, detection of safety helmets and electronic fences. It reverses the passive state of traditional surveillance system, which can only “monitor” rather than “control”, with the steps starting from real-time extraction, filtering and further sending out alerts.

Don Yu, Sr. Director of IEI, said, “in the respective cooperations with AlphaInfo and GeoVision, they both select the AI Computing Embedded System, FLEX-BX200 series, integrated with the AI accelerator Mustang-V100 which was co-developed with Intel. In my belief, after it’s respectively united in Police Patrol System and AI Image Recognition System, the solution will turn into a terrific auxiliary system for advancing the social and traffic security; in the meantime, it gets closer to IEI’s target of smart city.”