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Hemodynamics Analysis
Hemodynamics Analysis, panel pc for IoT, IMoT

All-in-one panel PC for cardiovascular assessment and monitoring

Hemodynamics monitoring requires equipment to be attached directly to the human body and strict certification ensures that patient safety is made a high priority in these critical applications. This is just one part of the EN 60601 4th edition that brings increasingly stringent standards for medical equipment.

The pressure is on to ensure that equipment meets these new standards which will become requirements in the future both to keep ahead of the competition and meet the demands of customers who want to make sure that they stay ahead of the curve and migrate to these upcoming standards sooner rather than later.

This case study takes a closer look at what was required for a computer in such an environment and what specifications needed to be adhered to and the flexible, customized solution that was found.

More information about POC-W22A-H81

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