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Parking Management
Parking Management | Efficient, low power parking lot management system
Efficient, low power parking lot management system
Busy parking lots have a constant flow of vehicles entering and exiting. Each vehicle needs a record of coming in, then the system calculates how much time they have spent in the lot, then factors in any applicable discounts or free time for in-store purchases. At busy locations with multiple vehicles lining up to leave, the more manual processing that is required, the longer everyone has to wait and the higher the likelihood of errors coming into play.
To alleviate these issues a fully integrated system that accommodates all of these details. Maximum customer satisfaction and overall efficiency are best achieved by keeping the vehicles flowing and waiting times to a minimum.
Achieving these goals requires a high-tech solution, but one with specific constraints on the technology used. This case study looks at how an IEI board was chosen to control and operate the parking boom as part of this parking lot management system.
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